Kangana Ranaut Bio, Beauty, Makeup, Diet, Favorite Things

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Kangana Ranaut Bio, Beauty, Makeup, Diet, Favorite Things

Kangana Ranaut is the best Indian Actress, Director, and Great lady. She is one of the most stylish actresses of Bollywood, her dressing senses are amazing. Kangana Ranaut started her first Hindi thriller feature film Gangster in 2006, which won the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut. She plays emotionally in Drama Tees Lamhey (2006), Life in a … Metro (2007) and Fashion (2008). He won the National Film Award for Best Supporting Actress.

She is the queen of Bollywood because she has worked in many women-oriented films. She is a hardworking actress and knows the importance of time and other social things too. He is an honest person for his work. Her most famous films are:- Queen (2014), Tanu Weds Manu, and Tanu Weds Manu: Returns (2015)in this film she plays a dual role in the comedy. kangana Ranaut movie ‘Manikarnika’-The Queen Of Jhansi’ is all about the bravery of queen Laxmibai and her women force.

Latest Interview of Kangana Ranaut:-

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has responded to Bollywood stars who did not talk about any kind of problem and serious issues in the country. Kangana clearly says that the public has not placed you on the superstar’s chair so that you just think about your comfort.

Kangana interview

Kangana interview

Kangana Speak about the Fashion of Saris:-

She says that I like to wear saris. There is no doubt that there is always the trend of saris, but not as much as it should be. We have a lot to do, so far our weavers are suffering. There Were thousands of handicraft companies who have disappeared.

In this blog, here we describe the Kangana Ranaut Personal details, Family details, daily routine and many more so let’s start:-

Personal Details:-

Full name:- Kangana Ranaut

Occupation:- Actress and director.

Date of birth:-  23 March 1987

Place of birth:– Bhambla, Mandi District, Himachal, India

Height:-        5’ 6”

Weight:-  55 kg

Eyes color:- Dark Brown

kangana Ranaut hair color:- Black

School:- DAV Model School, Sector 15 Chandigarh

University or college:- No

Educational Qualification:- 12th Standard

Caste and Religion:- Hinduism, (Kahatriya Rajput)

Mumbai Address:-  A 4 –BHK apartment in, Mumbai

Family Details:-

Kangana Ranaut- Father:- Amardeep Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut-Mother:- Asha Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut-Brother:- Akshit  Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut-Sister:- Rangoli Ranaut(Elder sister and manager )

Kangana favorite food, perfume, hobbies, and favorite things

Interest and hobbies:-  Cooking, Yoga, Listening Music, Writing


Favorite color:-    Black


Favorite Food:- Traditionally Daal Chaawal, Hyderabadi Biryani
Favorite Perfume:-  Romance by Ralph Lauren, chanel no. 5


Favorite Music:- Classical, pop,


Favorite Sport:- Basketball


Favorite Movie:-  Kuch Kuch Hota  Hai


Favorite Dancer:- She is a well trained Kathak Dancer
Favourite First Crush:-  English Footballer, David Beckham is her first Crush



Interest and hobbies: – Cooking, Yoga, Listening Music, Writing

Favorite color: – Black

Food:- Traditionally Daal Chaawal, Hyderabadi Biryani

Perfume:-  Romance by Ralph Lauren, chanel no. 5

Music:- Classical, pop,

Sport:- Basketball

Movie:- Kuch Kuch Hota  Hai

Dancer:- She is a well trained Kathak Dancer

First Crush:- English Footballer, David Beckham is her first Crush

Kangana Bio

Kangana Achievements:-

  • Kangana is one of the youngest heroin to win the national film award in the age of 22 supporting actress for fashion
  • She won the Three National Film Awards, Four Filmfare award, Three International Indian Film Academy Awards, One award each from the Screen award, Zee Cine and Producers Guild award ceremonies.

Kangana’s makeup:-

  • Lipbaum and Blusher are there Must Have Makeup Items.
  • For lip makeup they like Wing Eyes in red lipstick and eye makeup.
  • Kangana’s skin is naturally spotless, so they do not make heavy base make-up. On the face, they only use the console and blushers.
  • In addition to the red color lipstick, they also like fresh pink and pale colors. But they use bold colors for a dramatic look.

We Discuss with you Kangana’s Untimely Skin Secrets:-

Bollywood’s “Queen” Kangana Ranaut is not only acting in acting, but she also specializes in all kinds of looks and styles. Handles with If you are also the unblemished face of Kangana and beautiful face, especially for you, we are telling you the secret of Kangana’s vibrant skin and also giving information about which makeup products they are using so that You can also get flawless skin like Kangna. So here we describe the beauty products used by Kangana Ranaut.

  • Kangana’s skin is quite white. Her skin-care routine includes skin cleansing, scrubbing, toning, and moisturizing. He moisturizes his skin twice a day, even if he is in a busy time and in difficult conditions.
  • She avoids chemical compound market products and likes to use natural home remedies for her face and skin. She uses cream of milk on her face to moisturize it and mixes saffron in it to get saffron and glowing skin. She uses rose water for fresh refreshment and makes her skin shine. She recommends using honey on the skin because it is the best anti-bacterial.
  • Before going to bed, if her skin is very sensitive, then she packs a face pack and if her skin is normal, then she uses toner, night cream, and eye cream.
  • She avoids chemical compound market products and likes to use natural home remedies for her face and skin. She uses cream of milk on her face to moisturize it and mixes saffron in it to get saffron and glowing skin. She uses rose water for fresh refreshment and makes her skin shine.

Kangana Ranaut  Beauty Secret of the Hair:-

Kangana Beauty Tips

Kangana Beauty Tips

  • Kangna likes to use organic products for her hair.
  • Due to being in the film industry, they use different types of hair styling products, which are used to repair repairs from time to time to remove their side effects.
  • Kangna performs hair spa and deep conditioning treatments at regular intervals.
  • Apart from this, they take steam by putting oil in the hair three times a week.
  • If you talk about hairstyles, Kangana likes the Old Hollywood Looks and she gives priority to the Vintage hairstyle.

Kangana’s Fitness Secrets:-

  • Be extremely cautious about your workout regime. She works out 5 days a week and ensures she does not leave it.
  • The role that she is preparing for, her workout routine also varies according to her.
  • She down regular yoga and meditation to get a toned body and a relaxed mind
  • She must walk for 20 minutes daily to increase the digestive power and reduce fat.
  • She does 10 sets of 10 reps of push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and lunges.
  • He exercises 30-minute abs and lower back exercises daily, including Hurdle training and sprint drill.

Diet Plan Kangana’s:-

  • She believes you wish to eat well to seem smart.
  • She prefers to eat tiny meals every two hours.
  • She drinks a minimum of twelve glasses of water daily to detoxify her body and keep herself well hydrous.
  • She follows a lightweight however robust diet arrange to keep her body toned.
  • She includes a high macromolecule diet that may be a mixture of the 25% of healthy fats, 25% of proteins and 50% carbohydrates. She ne’er starves herself however follows her diet arrange and will regular exercise.
  • She loves to eat home-made food cooked in organic spices and makes sure it is cooked in desi ghee.
  • In breakfast, she takes oatmeal and dish or idli, Poha, paratha or albumen omelet that helps to spice up her metabolism and controls her weight. Her favorite breakfast is wheat grain which provides her energy for a long day.
  • Before lunch, she prefers to drinks a protein shake and fresh fruit juice which fulfills her protein and vitamin requirements.

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