How to Get QuickBooks Support

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How to Get QuickBooks Support

In this era, managing business accounts became tough. But with QuickBooks, it is a little bit easy to manage. All QuickBooks users need QuickBooks support to run the QuickBooks in a better way. So, if you need to get QuickBooks support then you are in the right place. Here you can know, how to get QuickBooks support, and which types of services you can find as the QuickBooks support, etc.        

QuickBooks accounting software is specially designed for small, and medium-sized businesses to manage the business in a smart way. According to the business type, situation, and business need QuickBooks has different versions, and plans. QuickBooks has two different versions QuickBooks Desktop, and QuickBooks Online. And each version has its own version plans. 

Intuit offers support, and services for all QuickBooks products (QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, payroll versions).  

Procedure to Get QuickBooks Support    

Follow the procedure to get QuickBooks support and help:

  • First of all, go to the ‘Help’ page of QuickBooks.
  • Choose your QuickBooks version type.
  • After choosing the version type you will take to the page, where you need to put the detail like the edition version, product type, and need to add your query. 
  • Then click on the ‘Continue’ option. 
  • QuickBooks will show you two options to choose from; one is for chat support, and another is for call support. 
  • It will show you the available time, if time will be available then it will allow you to choose any one of the options.
  • After clicking on the option, you may need to log in with your QuickBooks ID, and password. 
  • Log in to it, and get support. 

Otherwise, you can find a QuickBooks consultant nearby your location to get QuickBooks to support you.

What Types of Services Can you Find? 

You can get all types of services in QuickBooks by contacting QuickBooks customer support. Check the below to know, which types of services you can get;

  • Import Chart of Accounts 
  • Can import customer and suppliers 
  • Import products and services 
  • Import transactions into QuickBooks 
  • Import trial balance 
  • QuickBooks on mobile 
  • Create free trial 
  • How to update your subscription and billing details 
  • Import contacts 
  • Setup and track inventory 
  • Wipe data
  • Billing information 
  • Cancel payroll subscription 
  • QuickBooks tool hub download or the other tool service
  • Enter Bills 
  • GST Reports (GSTR) 
  • To resubscribe or reactivate QuickBooks Online 
  • Refund request 
  • Add, delete, change user access 
  • Email change request 
  • Forgot user ID or password 
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) 
  • Multiple user access 
  • Add GSTIN for customers 
  • Add GSTIN for suppliers 
  • Add HSN and SAC codes 
  • Import customers 
  • QuickBooks technical issue
  • QuickBooks errors
  • Change invoice number 
  • Create and send an invoice 
  • Enter and pay bills to suppliers 
  • Recurring transactions
  • GSTR-1 reports 
  • Setting up GST
  • Record tax payments 
  • Tax adjustment
  • List of tax reports 
  • Running reports 
  • Save or export your report to Excel
  • Connect bank account 
  • Import transaction manually 
  • Transactions download 
  • Troubleshooting reconcile

You can find all of the above services or can ask the above-related query to the QuickBooks experts for the service. 

Alternative Way to Get QuickBooks Support

There is an alternative way to get QuickBooks support, and that this third-party QuickBooks services. It is always recommended to get service directly from QuickBooks. But sometimes we need an instant response, and a solution to resolve the issue on an immediate basis, which is not possible all the time on the official site. In this case, you can go for the third-party QuickBooks service provider. Because you will get 2 times faster response from the official QuickBooks help.   

Before taking any third-party service ensure about their service type, work of experiences in QuickBooks, certification, well-trained or not. If you are finding everything ok then you can go for the service. 

We hope, now you are able to get QuickBooks support and have the idea of that, what types of services you can get from the QuickBooks support team. Still, if you are not able to get scheduled or support directly from QuickBooks then you can get help from a third-party service provider for an instant response.

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