Prospects of Qatar Jobs in Finance, Tourism and Transport

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Prospects of Qatar Jobs in Finance, Tourism and Transport

Compared to the other GCC countries, Qatar job market is much better, and according to experts, the situation will be much better in the coming years. There was a slump in Qatar jobs in the last few years due to the massive fall at oil price which is the main revenue generator for the economy. The job market was really down but owning to OPEC and other non-OPEC members for their initiatives to stabilize the oil price, the job market has once again rejuvenated. Professionals can definitely expect a prospective career, with stable and secured jobs in Qatar. But, yes, the path is not a very easy one. You need to have the required skills, experience and qualification to do well in any type of Qatar jobs.

Reasons for reviving of the economy of Qatar

  • Stabilization of oil prices
  • Mega infrastructure projects are coming up in Qatar which is in need of many professionals from diverse industries
  • Qatar is going to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022. This is an indirect way of improving the major requirement of modern facilities and infrastructure, like stadiums, wide roads and streets, hotels, tourism companies, etc. Professionals can apply in different Qatar jobs in these sectors.
  • There will be enough vacancies in the labor market in different industry domains where new people are to be recruited in different Qatar jobs meet the growing demand.

Some major sectors for Qatar jobs

There are some prominent sectors which contribute a major share to the economy.

The most important one is, of course, the energy sector. Qatar has one of the largest reserves of natural gas and petroleum resources in the world. It is, thus, also the major employment and revenue generation sector of the economy. When it comes to Qatar jobs, the obvious choice is the energy sector.

Other prominent areas of employment in recent time include the following:

Finance and banking sector

Another well-known sector for jobs in Qatar includes the finance and banking sector. The Qatar Central Bank is considered as the sole financial regulator and many incentives are introduced by this bank for local banks so that a strong financial sector is formed that can withstand economic volatility. The banks in Qatar have displayed asset growth, improved returns on investment and improved earnings from lending, leading to increase in profits. Qatar jobs in this sector are highly sought after by professionals.


The Government of Qatar has given lots of importance to Qatar Tourism. The Qatar Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (QTEA) aims to boost the number of tourists every year and it has been successful in doing so. Today, Qatar is known to be a major tourist center among the Gulf countries. Tourism development implies not only development, management, and maintaining of tourist structures and spots and creating new ones, but also the development of the other areas which are part of tourism. These include the development of hotels, exhibition space and infrastructure too. Cultural tourism is also given importance in Qatar. So, Qatar jobs in tourism sector open up a huge number of opportunities for professionals.


The next prominent sector for Qatar jobs is in the transport sector. With a fast-expanding multi-cultural population and substantial economic growth over the past few years, there was the growing need for an extensive and reliable transportation network within Qatar. This had led the government to focus on the transport sector. Many organizations like as the Urban Planning and Development Authority (UPDA), the Public Works Authority (Ashghal), and other bodies were given the responsibility towards the development of transport department in Qatar. The road network is a major focus of the development plan. There is Qatar Rail which consists of Doha Metro, Long Distance roads and Light Rail Transit. There is also Hamad International Airport in Qatar. The transport department opens up a great number of jobs in diverse areas in Qatar.

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