What is Hair Transplant and its Cost

What is Hair Transplant and its Cost

December 5, 2018 1 By Editor Team

The fact that over 50% of men and 48% of women will suffer from a certain degree of baldness. By the age of 50 calls into question the corresponding medical advancements in the cosmetic field. In this manner, scientists have developed tens of medications and hair creams. That was meant to solve this problem. Either by eliminating the falling of hair or growing new one. With their extensive efforts. However, they came to a certain conclusion that those solutions were only temporary. As the hair starts falling again once people stop using them.

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This certain conclusion brought in the need for a more reliable solution in the market. Which came true by the 1950s. When the hair transplant procedure was developed in the first place. Since then, the positive and satisfactory outcomes of hair transplant have made it. The only confirmed solution to the problem of hair loss (baldness) resulting in a strong demand amongst sufferers all over the world. In its early age. However, hair loss sufferers looked at hair transplant. As an unreachable dream that could be owned only by the wealthiest of people.

And that was the biggest drawback confining the popularity of the procedure worldwide. Yet as per the continually increasing demand and advancements in technology. The cost of hair transplant kept on decreasing for the favor of hair loss sufferers. A great example of this fact is the hair transplant cost in Turkey. Where the competitiveness of the cost is at the highest level.

With this in mind, Turkey today is home of hundreds of highly skillful and experienced surgeons performing in authorized hair transplant clinics around the country. In light of this combination, the Turkish city of Istanbul today is known as the world capital of hair transplant.

What is a Hair Transplant?

If you are looking for an excellent hair transplant experience, it’s important for you to have a full knowledge regarding the nature of the procedure. Technically speaking, hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure. That includes removing hair follicles. From a healthy and rich area of the scalp (donor area). And implanting them in the areas suffering hair loss (target area). Under local anesthesia. The surgeon extracts the hairs from your donor site one by one and implants them at the target area in the same manner.

Lasting between 5 to 8 hours, you will remain conscious and will be able to watch the TV or read your favorite magazine. Within a week after the procedure. you will be able to go back to your normal life and practice your daily activities. Depending on the level of your baldness and desired results, you may need to sit for more than one session, which normally means a higher cost.

Hair Transplant Cost


The cost of Hair Transplant varies based on many factors. Primarily, it depends on the number of grafts you need. which is determined in the evaluation stage prior to implementation through a measurement. Known as the Norwood scale. According to Norwood, the severity of baldness could be measured from 1 to 7 with 7 being the severest. The significance of this scale is that. It provides an insight of the number of grafts you need to cover the bald areas in your scalp relating directly to estimating the overall price of the procedure.

Turkey hair transplant price is also driven by the excellent services. Each clinic provides including the surgeon and medical team’s. experience, accommodation, interpretation for foreign tourists and so on.

For that, hair transplant experts always encourage patients to spend a little more time searching for the top clinic. where high quality and competitive costs meet. In this manner, you should always remember that Turkey hair transplant price is to be considered with the long experience and excellent reputation of the clinic as all your expectations might vanish if chose the wrong one.

In Conclusion

We should always remember that our appearance is a significant factor that helps shape our lives and future whether inside our families or at the workplace. Therefore, if suffering from hair loss. Don’t forget that your life could be a whole lot better if you were in shape with a full head of hair. For the record, hair transplant cost in Turkey. Today is estimated to be the lowest worldwide which deserves to be considered when making your final decision.